Print and ebook Cover Design for Littleton, Colorado

Print and ebook Cover Design for Littleton, Colorado If you are searching for information about Print and ebook Cover Design and live or work in Littleton, Colorado, Graham Publishing Group can help.

At Graham Publishing Group, our team specializes in both Print and ebook Cover Design, and we will produce several book covers based on your personal vision of the cover. We also consider the storyline, commercial viability, and genre of your book.

Before a reader enjoys a single line of your book, they are first drawn to the Print and ebook Cover design, Littleton, Colorado. The cover represents your brand as an author and affects book sales and marketability. Most importantly, it reflects the determination and hard work you poured into your novel.

What makes a compelling, viable Littleton, Colorado, Print and ebook Cover design? Below are elements and considerations to discuss with your book designer.

  • Book genre: What genre is your book? Is it fiction or nonfiction? The potential reader should immediately be able to recognize the genre of your book from the cover, whether it is romance, thriller, or biographical. Additionally, how does your book stand out within that genre?
  • Font selection: What fonts best fit your background imagery, allowing your title to draw the reader’s attention in either Print or digital ebook form?
  • Color scheme: Do you have company colors you want to incorporate? If it is a fiction fantasy, what color scheme jumps off the page without becoming overwhelming and distracting. The color scheme is a critical and often overlooked part of the cover design process.
  • Target audience: Who is your target audience? Recognizing the genre of your book can go a long way to determining your target audience. And the first step in creating initial concepts for your cover design.
  • Imagery/graphics: What imagery and graphics highlight your title rather than distract and clutter your cover. Select imagery that fits your personal style and vision as the author while also fitting within your book’s genre.

Let us help guide you through the self-publishing process. If you are looking for information about Print and ebook Cover Design for Littleton, Colorado, give us a call.

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