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Books can transport us to different worlds, excite our curiosities, explore, inform, teach, and inspire in many ways.

Empowering Authors on the Path to Success

A Decade of Author-Centric Excellence

For over a decade, Graham Publishing Group has led in crafting exceptional books and supporting authors in their creative endeavors.

No matter your project’s size or genre, be it an epic fantasy or a family history, we understand that writing a book is an extraordinary feat, and we deeply value the dedication you invest.

Our mission is to design a path to success that reflects your commitment. At Graham Publishing Group, we are your all-in-one hub for book design and self-publishing. Our services simplify your self-publishing journey, making it seamless and impactful.

Colin Graham

Co-founded GPG in 2007. He is our Director of Book Design and Publishing Assistance. He has been at the forefront of book design and digital marketing for over a decade.

Christopher Short

President of MGC, pairs aspiring authors with acclaimed ghostwriters and editors eager to transform your authentic voice into a professional manuscript, ready for book design and publication.

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