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Can you help design my book cover?

Yes, our professional design team will produce several book covers based on your personal vision of the cover and your specific genre. After the designs are complete, we present them to you for your evaluation and final choice.

Does my manuscript need to be proofread before printing?

Absolutely. Proofreading and copy editing – the process of making the manuscript as clean as possible with regard to spelling, grammar, and word usage – is essential, and our team of professional copy editors can help.

What is Interior Print Book Design and Formatting? And why do I need it?
The Interior Layout of your book and the design of your Book Cover are two of the most important steps you will take during the publishing process.

For Print on Demand, a PDF file formatted to the specific dimensions of your book, paperback, or hard cover is required. Also, your file must follow the printers required specifications.

Most importantly, the design of each page must do justice to all the hard work you put into your writing.

What will I receive once the Print Book has been formatted?
We provide print ready PDF files usable for any major print on demand company, including Createspace, Ingram, Lighting Source, and Lulu.
What do I need to provide?
Your finished manuscript, preferably in doc, docx format.
What kind of Ebook formatting do you provide?
We provide E-Book Formatting for presentation on all major online platforms, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books to those applicable for the iPad, iPhone, personal computers, and smartphones.
I can just upload a Word file to Amazon to publish my book. Why should I pay someone to format my book?
If you upload any file other than a mobi file, Amazon will automatically convert your file into the mobi format. During the conversion process the presentation might be altered and will not display the way you intended.
I want to include images, pictures, graphs in my manuscript. Can you do that?
Yes, we can include all of those elements in your book, both print and ebook.
How long will my formatting take?
Depending on the length of the manuscript, the process typically takes one week.
What if I don’t have my manuscript in a word document?
While we prefer to accept manuscripts in Microsoft Word format, we accept Word (doc, docx), OpenOffice (odt), HTML (various), PDF, inDesign files, and just about anything else.
I don’t know anything about printing or uploading my ebook. Will you help me with that side of the project?
Yes, we provided assistance and guidance throughout every step of the process.