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Book Formatting

Professional interior print book and eBook formatting.

Crafting the Perfect Interior

Interior Book Design

Interior Book Design (manuscript formatting) is the process of taking your written manuscript and formatting a professional, print-quality file for your paperback or hardcover book. Also, we ensure your print book adheres to all publication venue’s guidelines and specifications. This is how your book will appear in print and what readers see page to page. How your print book looks on the inside is just as important as how it looks from the outside.

At Graham Publishing Group, some of the simplest questions are the most important. What is the font that best serves the interior of your book? What size of font? What do the chapter headings look like? What type of formatting best fits your material and helps deliver your message? The answer to these questions is critical, and your input as the author is vital.

All interior book design files we create are custom and designed to the specifications of every major print-on-demand company, including Amazon KDP, Lulu, and IngramSpark.

Crafting a Seamless eBook Experience

eBook Formatting

eBook formatting is the design process of turning your manuscript into a eBook file. We specialize in standard reflowable (epub formatting), guaranteeing your book looks professional on any e-reading or mobile device.

At Graham Publishing Group, our experienced design team understands the importance of showcasing your work in a way that reflects the dedication you put into your novel.

We prepare your eBook for presentation on all major online platforms and any e-reading device, including Kindle, Nook, iPads, iPhones, personal computers, and smartphones.

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