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Editorial Services

Whether it’s ghostwriting, editing, manuscript evaluation, or research support, Graham Publishing Group is here to assist you in all aspects of your project. Our aim is to help you create a polished, imaginative, and commercially successful written work.

Crafting Literary Excellence


Graham Publishing Group has one of the most experienced teams of professional ghostwriters, editors and copy editors on staff. We have been successfully collaborating with individuals, groups, and institutions on projects focusing on works of fiction and non-fiction since 1989.

We have written and edited more than 500 books. Our goal for your project is a book that is professional, creative, and commercially viable.

Polishing Your Manuscript to Perfection


We have collaborated on many finished or partially finished manuscripts that require some degree of content editing, line editing, or copy editing/proofreading. The goal with every manuscript we edit is a finished book that you will be excited to publish.

With Content Editing and Line Editing, we work directly on the wording, language, and presentation of your book or manuscript.

With each book, we endeavor to honor the voice, tone, and style created by the author while crafting the strongest presentation possible.

Ensuring Precision and Polish


This crucial step in the publishing process involves meticulously refining the manuscript to achieve the highest levels of clarity and correctness in terms of spelling, grammar, and word usage. It serves as the final quality check before the manuscript is passed on to our skilled book designer for formatting and layout.