Editing and Proofreading for Utica, New York

Editing and Proofreading for Utica, New York If you live or work in Utica, New York and are searching for information about editing and proofreading, Graham Publishing Group can help. At Graham Publishing Group, we have worked on many finished or partially finished manuscripts, in virtually every genre, that have benefited from some degree of content editing, line editing, or copy editing/proofreading.

Finding the right editor or proofreader is important to the success of your project. The process often starts with an introductory conversation, manuscript assessment, and a free editing sample based on that initial evaluation.

Professional editing and proofreading for Utica, New York includes Line Editing, Content Editing, and Copy Editing.

  • Line Editing or developmental editing, we work on the actual language of your book, including word usage, dialogue, description, and voice, while very consciously honoring the tone and style you have created.
  • Content Editing is less forceful than developmental editing concerning the language of the book and may not include the comment feature. The goal of both is the highest level of presentation possible for your book and to produce a written piece that is commercially viable.
  • Copy Editing/Proofreading is the third type of editing we offer at Graham Publishing Group. Copy Editing is meant to make the manuscript as clean as possible with regard to spelling, grammar, and word usage.

You have written a manuscript filled with intriguing, creative characters and plot. Our goal with each manuscript we work on is to help enhance and maintain the style and tone of the beautiful characters and story you have created, through our editing and proofreading, Utica, New York process.

If you have written a novel, biography, memoir, business book, or screenplay and are looking for Utica, New York, editing and proofreading for your book, let our experienced professional editors at Graham Publishing Group help.

For more information about editing and proofreading for Utica, New York, give us a call. We are here to help make your entrance into the world of publishing easy and successful.

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