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Book Covers and Book Sales

One of my favorite places is the bookstore. Strolling leisurely through the aisles. That new book smell. I love seeing all the books lined up on the shelves. A new world waiting to be discovered, a new adventure, a new character waiting to tell me a story. All those...

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Why Publish Independently

Let’s assume that you’ve finished that special book that you’ve been dreaming of writing.  It could be a suspense novel, personal memoir, business book, or book of inspiration and health.  You’ve made the decision to publish your book independently. In this day and...

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The Publishing World as We Now Know it

Let’s make an assumption.  Let’s assume the you have successfully finished your book. You’ve written that novel that you always dreamed of writing. You penned the auto-biography or memoir that will serve has your legacy.  You finished the business book that will serve...

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Write, Market, Sell – It’s all about the Book

The creation of a book is a process, a wonderful, arduous process.  Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.  A book – novel, memoir, business book, self-help book, even a comic book – takes time and discipline.  How much time? Lots of writers spend two or more...

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The Art of Book Cover Design

Never forget the art of it all. You have written your book.  Whether it is a work of fiction, a business book, biography, or self-help book, it is special to you.  The book cover you design, or have a professional book cover designer help you design, should be just as...

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